4 monitors, 4 computers, 4 contact-mats, 4 mats, wood, sound.

Spread throughout the space are four monitors on 25 cm high, wooden plinths, with mats in front of them.
On the monitor a still image is visible. The moment the visitor (user) steps on one of the mats, a foot on the monitor steps along with him/her, each one represents a different surface; one foot steps in the snow, one stamps on a floor, another splashes into a puddle of water and the fourth foot goes back and forth on a squeaking wooden floor. The synchronization of the image, sound and the users action gives the sensation that one really is stepping on the visible surface. The reminiscence of a real experience makes the user move with and react upon the movement on the screen. This kind of evoked gestures and actions are an essential element in some of the eddie d installations.