That Installation With The Eggs

Installation 1996
350 egg-cups, 350 dented, boiled eggs, two lcd monitors, two computers, audio equipment, a wooden wall, an infra-red sensor, wood.

On a wall of app. 2m x 3m. are 350 bright red and yellow egg-cups on small shelves. On them are 350 eggs with a small dent at the top. Between them are two small lcd monitors on which you see the repeating sequence of an egg being hit. The sound of this the egg is heard over a loudspeaker. Each monitor plays the egg-breaking in it's own, repeated rhythm. The two video sequences are slightly different from each other (one is a little slow motion) so the rhythm will slowly diverge and come together again.The sound will get louder when a visitor comes within a certain distance of the  work.
Each sequence is played from a computer.


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