The  err Thing

Installation (1997) 
1 computer, electronics, 1 secret ingredient, 1 monitor with loudspeakers, 8 buttons, wood, cable.
App. 2,5 m. apart are a wooden reading desk with 6 blue metal buttons and a wooden plinth with a monitor on it. Each of the buttons plays a short digital video sequence when pressed. There are 8 different sequences showing 8 different 'talking heads' saying "err". 
The original material was recorded from television programs from several countries, all human interest programs and talk shows.
This works is an investigation into the use of the sound "err" in different languages and cultures.
eddie d continued this research in making video poems, especially the work "Poem #5".
This work needs the participation of the audience; without them the work is just a monitor with a few very nice looking buttons in front of them. 

click the images and listen