A Word Of Welcome

Installation series (1997-2029)
each consisting of: 1 computer, 1 monitor, 1 loudspeaker, 1 amplifier, 1 contact-mat, (or infrared sensor) electronics, wood.

A Word of Welcome is a site-related work consisting of a doormat with a welcoming text and a monitor (projection is also possible), placed on a plinth near the entrance of a building or room. The work requires the active participation of the viewer (user).
When entering, the visitor is confronted with the image of a tv-presenter who welcomes her with a "good morning" or "good afternoon", depending on the time of day. With every step on the mat the image shifts and the sequence is repeated or replaced by a different greeting. By stepping repeatedly on the doormat, a rhythm of image and sound is made, thus questioning the truthfulness of the personal welcome.
Since the first realization eddie d has made several versions of the installation, ranging from presentations with multiple monitors, a simple single "buenas tardas" to randomly selected greetings in different languages.
The creation date is set in the future to point out that newer versions are still a possibility and the work continues to develop.
The installation has been presented in several countries and the artist always looked for material in the local language and tries to find a welcome-doormat in that specific language.
(text Vivian van Saaze)

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Buenas Tardas

Herzlich Wilkommen