10 Video Poems….

Nice and Fresh and Greasy

A fine and interesting selection of

art video by

eddie d

Mi Cocina

eddie d presents

Significance and Back

The First,

The Second,

The End

The Masterplan






Heads and Globes

Similarity Matrix

Kan Dat

Pas de Deux

For those who like extra text about the videos, this will be provided here. I will add more and more and more later.

En er komt zelfs nog tekst in het Nederlands voor de liefhebbers. Wat wilt u nog meer.

Mi Cocina 

The best material for a work of art is often simply to be found in everyday reality. After all, this is where the things that are directly connected with our human nature can be found, because day in day out they comply with our habits and patterns. They lead a life that we have stopped noticing. The household requisites that eddie d already brought to life in previous video works, also play a role in 'Mi Cocina'. With their bright colours and clean-cut designs, they speak the language of pictographs or educational illustrations - even more so because here they are toy kitchen utensils. The plastic pans, plates and ladles are shaking and rattling about, making the sounds of their adult equivalents while being controlled by an invisible force that lets them play together in unique rhythms and structures.