Le Dressoir

Digital Installation 2007 

2 computers, electronics, 2 monitors Ø ± 60 cm, wood, sound.

Two pedestals, a few feet apart and about 1,15 m. high, carry a large monitor. They show a two-part still life of a long sideboard. 

The left one is an arrangement with a fruit dish, a vase with a few dead roses and a photo of the same sideboard, but in a different era and a different location.

On the right side monitor is a tray with   bottles of exquisite liquors, some glasses, an ashtray with a cigar and a glass of brandy. On the wall is a small photo with a group of people, one of them being the artist as a young man. 

In reaction of specific movements of the viewer suddenly the table-lamp, that was visible in one of the screens, starts to move through the image to the other monitor. It stays there until some  action of the viewer makes it move back to the first one.