Orquesta Revoltillo

Video Installation 

4 videoprojectors. 3 mpeg video-players, 2 computers, 1 monitor, 2 doorbells, 1 head-shaped projection-object, electronics, 4 amplifiers, 6 loudspeakers.

Duration of composition is 4:40.

Orquesta Revoltillo is a large (at least 7 m. x 14 m.), spatial, musical composition consisting of rhythmic elements, tonal objects, spoken word and an interactive piece. Everyday utilities, projected on three large video screens, are the musicians as well as the instruments of this orchestra.

In the midst of this composition is a video monitor which shows a small tree that shakes and rustles in reaction of visitors that move around.

Another element is the projection of a head, that occasionally speaks a few words taken from television footage about a list of English words disappearing from American spell-check software.

Some of the video-instruments are books, coffeecups, and a ball-point pen. A bicycle-bell is, together with the “Ding” and the "Dong" doorbells, the most important harmonic element.

The two main screens are 3,5 m. by 2,6 m. A third screen of 2 m. by 3 m. shows the still-image of a broom. It will not move until it’s action is required within the composition. It is a percussion instrument that, at some point, plays a duel with the brush on one of the other screens.

For the musical composition the work of Mauricio Kagel was an import inspiration and source of motifs.

Panorama shot of the space