eddie d occasionally publishes a photobook that gives a philosophical insight in the nature of being.

All in small editions and, out of principle, on sale for a very competing price. Contact mr d for more info on availability.

“eddie d landt plat”

“eddie d lands flat”

A study of the interesting vehicles that passed by during a one year project in the Dutch countryside. It shows the aw of a city dweller when confronted with the diversity of farming vehicles.

32 pages, 20x15 cm, hardcover

“eddie d lacht dagelijks in zijn vuistje”

“eddie d daily laughs in his sleeve"

An interesting photobook with worldwide daily cups of coffee by eddie d.

24 pages, 20x15 cm. hardcover, Limited Edition of 37, signed and numbered.

“Het Groote Koffietafelboek”

“The Great Coffeetable book”

A photobook filled with coffeetables. No coffeetable is complete without this fine book about coffeetables by eddie d

24 pages, 20x15 cm, hardcover